So much cooking!

Recently I’ve spent a huge majority of my free time in the kitchen and it was so, so worth it!

Last week I discovered that my bananas were well past their most desirable ripeness so I was forced to make banana bread from them (oh the horror!). I used this recipe from Hungry Meets Healthy with a few small changes- vanilla Greek yogurt (because that’s what I had on hand) and applesauce instead of coconut oil (because I didn’t have any coconut oil). It’s definitely better with coconut oil- I found it to be on just a tad bit on the dry side- but it was still completely delicious!



For dinner I was hardcore craving vegetables so I roasted some brussels sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus. I also made mashed sweet potatoes with vanilla almond milk and cinnamon (so good!) and baked some tofu that was marinated in cumin, agave nectar and a splash of soy. This meal was truly amazing.


Saturday was a marathon day in the kitchen- 6 hours of pierogi making! My family is Slovenian and it’s an annual tradition for us to spend Good Friday making (and eating!) peirogi, but since I work and won’t be making the trip up to Cleveland this year I knew that I had to get my pierogi fix in somehow! We used my family recipe for the dough and made two fillings- sweet cheese + potato cheese. I wish we would have actually counted the pierogi in the end but it’s safe to say we made well over 100.



(this pan x 3)


(this plate x a million 🙂 )

Sunday involved some (unpictured) sundried tomato hummus and this lasagna but I subbed roasted eggplant and zucchini for the noodles. It was good but didn’t hold up as well as I would have liked, I’ll have to keep tweaking it.

And just for good measure, banana splits!


What have you been eating recently?

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