Random Ramblings

Just to give everyone a little insight into this INSANE week of mine, I’d like to share that so far (Monday-Wednesday) I’ve already worked 39 hours. THIRTY NINE HOURS. Crazy crazy Ashley.

I truly feel that I’m a thrive-under-pressure kind of girl. For some reason, the busier I am the more motivated I am to squeeze in even MORE. It all seems a bit backwards to me, really. But this week I just feel very Go! Go! Go! and at the same time quite put together. For the most part I’ve been able to get myself up @ 530a, get to the gym, home, shower, prepared breakfast, lunch + giant snack, get to job #1, straight to job #2, home, quick dinner/late night snack, sleep, repeat! It’s felt easy. Until this morning. For the first time in maybe my entire life I slept right through my alarm. Not like I woke up, turned it off and reset it for later (a semi-regular occurrence) but I woke up a solid 1.5 hours later and realized that my alarm had been going off for that entire time! Apparently I needed a little extra sleep this morning. Luckily today is my easy day so I’ll be able to squeeze in some quality time with my good friend Jillian after work! We haven’t hung out in awhile so I’m not sure how enjoyable it will be but I know I need it. Last week I ordered a new DVD, 6 Weeks to 6 Pack, through a Groupon deal (shot out to my sister for telling me about it!) but unfortunately it hasn’t even shipped yet, boo 😦

Smoothie experimentation has been going extremely well! In the blender this morning: frozen banana, frozen blueberries, fresh spinach, vanilla almond milk + plain greek yogurt. YUM.

And, for those of you who are wondering, in my mug : Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant (it’s delicious).

This morning the weather man basically promised us that this should be the end of the cold weather and I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want that to be the truth! I NEED sunlight and 60+ degree temperatures (fine, I’ll even settle for 55+). I need to run outside, I need to pack up my winter clothes and put them in the basement because I’m sick of sweaters, I need to take the plastic off my windows and be able to OPEN them! Come on Mother Nature, we’ve put up with enough of your crap! I plan on starting spring cleaning this weekend so maybe that will motivate spring to actually come.

Tell me something random about your day!

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