Working out the kinks

Hello and welcome to my new home! I still have (more than) a few kinks to work out, but the only way to learn to swim is to dive in head first, right? No, that doesn’t sound right. Eh, oh well.

Training Lately:
Has been going well(ish)! I’ve been great with consistency, just not-so-great with distance. The combination of my crazy work schedule and this completely unpredictable and insane weather has made fitting in LONG runs essentially impossible for me. I’m hoping that this is my weekend for a 14-miler but we’ll see what mother nature (and my work schedule) has to say about that.

New Addition:
I wish I could say a kitten (soon!) but for now the most exciting new addition to my life has been a blender. In my adult life I have never owned one! It’s never been too huge a problem (because I like my margaritas on the rocks) but with how rushed I’ve felt recently I thought that having a grab and go breakfast option would be great. I’m loving my smoothie breakfasts but could definitely use some more “recipes”, suggestions??


Going cold turkey:
I just want to share with the world that I haven’t had coffee in FIVE days. That is definitely a record for me. In an attempt to really nail down a strict schedule (the only way to survive a 75 hour work week) I realize that I need to be sleeping better. I have been allowing myself one cup of tea (green, mostly. But chai today and it was delicious). The switch to tea has significantly cut down my caffeine intake, not only because tea is less caffeinated but because I could never drink just ONE cup of coffee, and I feel like it’s making a big difference in my sleep quality. Tea drinkers of the internet, share your favorites with me!

I plan on resuming a regular blogging schedule next week. As I said, I still have quite a bit of exploring to do and I am open to any feedback, constructive criticism, tips & tricks, etc. so please share that with me!


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