New shoes and 60 degree weather changes…

I finally set the time aside to visit my local running store and was extremely pleased to learn that they were having a big sale- $15 off all new shoes and a free t-shirt. I love me some free t-shirts so I was ready to shop!

I’ve been down this road before so I knew that the process of finding me a shoe would not be an easy one. I was assigned a shoe-fitter who I hadn’t worked with yet (shocking, as I’ve spent much time in this store) but was very pleased to learn that he was the owner of the store. I had no doubt that I’d be receiving great treatment. We went over all the basics- he had me stand up to check out my arches/sizing, walk around, run on the treadmill a bit, talked about what I was training for, what I currently (and have previously) ran in, etc. and then got down to business. I went through no less than 7 pairs of shoes: the new Wave Inspires (DO NOT LIKE), some New Balances, Nikes, Asics, etc. Nothing was fitting right. He brought over a second pair of eyes and they had me run on the treadmill for a bit longer (a solid 5 minutes) to really analyze my running style. They agreed that my foot strike is “unique” (another word for bad) and that although my foot shapes predicts a stability shoe with a 60% gradient my stride is already overcorrecting any overpronation and I’d probably be better suited with a 30% gradient. This all sounded kind of foreign to me, haha, but at least I remembered it!

After again reminding me that both my feet and my running style are “unique” (I get it guys!) I was handed another round of shoes to try on. I felt a lot like Goldilocks at this point- searching for my “just right”. When I put on the Saucony Guide 7s I felt like I had found it. Right off the bat the shoe felt comfortable and my foot didn’t feel like it was being forced into doing anything. 

So, there you have it! A new shoe to try. This little guy got his first pounding of pavement yesterday on a beautiful 67 degree day. We only ran a 5K so I can’t be certain if this is really the shoe for me, but we did all right. 

Unfortunately it looks like it’ll be awhile before we are out on the open road again thanks to this:

A low of 9 and 100% chance of snow. Winter, I am so over you.


  1. Those sound great! I”m ready to try some new shoes too, but I think I'm going to bite down on some Hoka's. Too many trail buddies have been singing their praises recently.

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