A very orange dinner

I was feeling a little overenthusiastic when it came to making dinner last night. As I was picking up ingredients and putting together a plan in my head I didn’t calculate that it would lead to three burners + the oven being used all at the same time. Oops. Just a typical Thursday meal!

On the menu:
– mashed sweet potatoes w/ sauteed kale, arugula + baby spinach
– tikka masala tofu
– roasted heirloom carrots

I also didn’t realize that the resulting meal, although delicious and nutritious, would be very orange.

Eh, oh well.

Post dinner was spent decorating the tree and hanging our stockings. A little (creepy) sneak preview of our in-progress Winter Wonderland:

Today my city is freaking out about the incoming snowstorm. Schools are closed despite there not even being any snow on the ground yet! Blows my mind. Back in my day we’d have to walk to school in a foot of snow, uphill both ways. Or something like that. Hopefully this snowstorm is being blown out of proportion because I’d really prefer to kick off my long run weekends outdoors (I must not train for an entire marathon on a treadmill. I must not train for an entire marathon on a treadmill).

Anyone else covered in snow or currently living in fear of the impending doom?


  1. Yeah, we went from a high of 64 yesterday to 30 + snowy right now with a forecasted high of 26 tomorrow. I'm not okay with this!

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