So, what’s next?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve suffered from post-race depression. It’s one of the reasons that I always like to have something else on the horizon- something to look forward to so I don’t let myself stumble off track. When I went into marathon training I knew this would be a big one for me- it would be time consuming, it might make me hate running and it may even end up in injury- so I kept my post-race calendar wide open. What a mistake! That past few weeks have not been pretty. First I gave myself two weeks to recover physically (because I had some not-so-pleasant foot pains immediately after my race) and to enjoy life a bit more again. So I stayed out late, went to some Halloween parties, ordered in dinner a few too many times and skipped a whole lot of workouts. Suddenly two weeks turned into three and now here I am one month post marathon and what have I been doing? Nothing! (including not blogging- whoops!)

Well it’s time to change that.

I’ve been looking into a few local triathlon clubs to try to dip my toes into something new but more importantly I’ve been looking at spring races so I can hurry up and get my something on my calendar! For now I’ve got a 20-miler and a May marathon on my wish list. Yes, another marathon. It just feels right.

As for short term goals: more cooking, more blogging and more running for fun. Until I’m committed to a race (and a training plan!) I’m just kind of rediscovering my innate love of the sport. It’s been fun to set out with no plans and just kind of run. I did my first “quality workout” this weekend though and it was clear that I am already pretty out of shape (my poor quads STILL hurt!). I’m going to use the last few weeks of 2013 to rebuild my base, revisit my time with Jillian and bond with my yoga mat. All good things.

I promise that I will be returning to regularly scheduled blogging- I have just honestly felt a little lost post-marathon and it was hard to sit down and write. Every time I started a post it turned into me whining about not being on track- no more of that! I’m coming back strong.

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  1. that's the problem with marathons, once you do one you want to do them ALL. And then the spouse and kids get upset, and you have to setup a budget for running shoes, and it all goes downhill from there.

    Triathlons are just as bad, maybe even worse. I've been fighting the post-race depression and no-blog-attitude as well in the 3 weeks since my ironman. Give it a shot! Once you do one sprint triathlon, it takes about an hour, and you get hooked. Then you have to setup a bike budget, and join a masters swim team, in addition to all of the aforementioned running. You can see where this is heading.

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