Not the best time to get sick.. or is it?

I’m pretty sure that everyone in my general area has been fighting off the same bug, or at least that’s my scientific assumption based off all the data I’ve been gathering (i.e. reading whiny facebook statuses and watching my employees and co-workers drop like flies). Of course my instant reaction to anyone who mentioned being sick was to shoo them away and tell them that my precious pre-marathon body wanted nothing to do with their nasty sickness. I was feeling optimistic as I started the week with no signs of sickness and then the temperature dropped about 20 degrees and naturally all the little symptoms started showing up (and yes, I know that cold does not make people sick but drastic temperature changes ALWAYS make ME sick). 

So, I spent a day feeling run down and whiny and tried to go through my normal routine and of course I woke up the next day feeling 1000x worse. After a sick day, too many episodes of Gilmore Girls, two cans of soup and 13+ hours of sleep (thanks NyQuil) I was certain that I’d beat the bug and was ready for action. Yesterday I worked almost a whole day and attempted a 30 minute run, I thought “what can go wrong in 30 minutes?”. Well, that answer is a lot. About a mile in I felt tired so I slowed down a bit, which was practically a shuffle because I was already moving pretty slow, and sure enough my shuffling feet caught an uneven curb and WHAM before I even realized what was happening I was rolling into the middle of street. I got up, shocked, and noticed my bloody hand + elbow and honestly couldn’t help but laugh. Luckily I hadn’t seriously injured myself but obviously I was not in the state to be running. I was already half way into my out-and-back run so I just turned around and shuffled home (being sure to pick up my feet along the way). Once I got home I realized the burning sensation coming from my shoulder was due to a nice large section of road rash and that my hip was already bruising from my roll. Oh Ashley, you are too clumsy to do ANYTHING when you aren’t feeling 100%!

Just like the three nights prior, I settled into the couch for a big bowl of soup and healthy serving of Netflix.

I realize now that looks like a big bowl of broccoli & cheese, which would be delicious, but it’s actually butternut squash soup (and TONS of broccoli).

Today I do honestly feel better, which I am relieved to say, and hope that since I’ve already succumbed to the mystery illness of mid-Ohio that I can make it to race day with no further sickness. I may try to redeem myself with another nice & easy run tonight, preferably without the fall. Tomorrow is my last remotely “long” run (6 miles) and then it’s nothing but 30 minute jaunts from here on out. I’m getting excited/nervous/anxious/terrified/etc. and already beginning to obsess about every ache and pain I’m feeling. I’m also reading any marathon advice I can get my hands out- what to eat & drink throughout this week, how much exercise to do other than running (I hope to squeeze in some yoga and core work, but probably not much else) and I’m asking every runner I know for wise words. I can’t believe I’m into single digits on my countdown!

So- weigh in! I love the advice I’ve received from you all so far and would appreciate more. What kind of things should I pay attention to this week? 

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