My take on Thai

Occasionally I like to get all domestic and cook something other than my go-to quick and easy meals. And even serve them at the table!

Not too long ago I was introduced to an amazing Thai place, Bahn Thai, and K. and I have ventured there more than a few times. Although we’ve branched out and tried the Kang Dang (red curry), Pad Thai and Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles) our absolute favorite item on the menu is that Kang Keaw Wan (green curry). It is incredible. The coconut milk and spicy green curry work together so well. I could honestly just drink the liquid! Since I was feeling creative I decided to try my hand at making (cheater) green curry at home and since I’m a girl who loves a theme I figured some spring rolls would be a great starter.

As a self-proclaimed spring roll connoisseur, I knew the basic formula. Rice paper, fresh herbs, assorted julienned vegetables, optional noodles and tofu. I did a quick Pinterest search for spring roll sauces and was very pleased with the sound of this spicy peanut sauce, I followed the recipe almost exactly, just increasing the sriracha a bit (because we like our spice). While I was shopping around for my Thai ingredients, I stumbled across these tofu shirataki noodles and thought that they would be just perfect inside a spring roll.

Picture stolen from the internet, because I didn’t think to photograph the package.

After finely chopping my selected veggies (carrots, cucumbers and green peppers) and following the instructions on the rice paper package I got to work creating my rolls. I used basil, cilantro and mint as my herb base and the tofu noodles were the perfect addition! Some were more successful that others but overall I was pleased with the results.

For the curry itself, I used this recipe from Cookie + Kate with just a few small changes. Coconut oil instead of olive, nearly doubled the amount of green curry paste (I used Thai Kitchen) and pan fried the tofu separately for a few minutes before adding it to the liquid. For my vegetables I added snow peas, green peppers and bamboo shoots. 

Served with jasmine rice, because apparently I am all out of basmati. Presented in an awesome casserole dish made by my very talented sister

Overall the meal was a huge success, not quite up to Bahn Thai standards but pretty darn close. I think next time I would increase the coconut milk in the recipe (we like a really soupy curry) and add a few more chiles. The spring rolls were amazing though and the sauce was good enough to eat alone. It was a very enjoyable evening and nice to get some use out of our dining room table 🙂

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  1. I made spring rolls for the first time a few months ago and while they were a little tedious (in my opinion) they were so worth it. Thanks for reminding me… I just told my husband I want to make them again in the next week or so.

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