Cardio? What’s that? (And a discount code for a RAD race!)

It’s time to put the cardio back in to Cardio, Cats and Cooking!

As you’ve probably noticed there has been little to no mention of my training as of late and that’s because I haven’t exactly been sticking to my training plan. I took a few weeks to dial it back a bit and try to get myself (physically and mentally) back to a good place. I feel like I’m finally there so I’m ready to hold myself accountable.

So where, exactly, is “there”? I’m running again, yay! Currently 2-3 times per week but increasing back to four this week. I’ve dropped my speed work days in order to prevent injuries and I’m not sure if I’ll bring them back in during the rest of marathon training. Strength training has been a BIG focus of mine lately- I’m really working on my core muscles because I think it will do a world of good for my running form. 

“Hey Ashley, what about that half marathon you are set to run on Sunday? Are you going to aim for sub-2?”

Oh yes. THAT. That sneaky little half marathon that I keep forgetting about is creeping up faster and faster. Honestly I’m not concerned about the distance but I have absolutely no intentions on racing this one. Slow and steady will be my motto. I think I have it in me to sub-2 but I don’t think it’s smart. I’m mentally preparing myself for the fact that this will be my slowest “official” half ever, my estimated time is in the range of 2:15, I think that’s a really safe pace for me. Why not push it? Because October is my goal. And because my training plan has me running SIXTEEN miles next week, so I’m hoping to remain completely pain-free.

Something else fun to look forward to? 

I just signed up for Color Me Rad here in Columbus and you can too! For the next 48 hours you can use the code radblogger to save 20% on your registration (for any city, not just Columbus)! I have always wanted to participate in a color run and Color Me Rad seems like such a fun race (don’t believe me? just check out their Instagram photos!). Go sign up now!

With two healthy feet, two fun races to look forward to and exactly TWO months until my marathon, I’m feeling really excited about running again. I’ll be resuming my training rundowns on Monday and have a heart rate training update coming your way! 

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