I find it insulting that we only get a birthDAY. Aren’t we all worth more than one day of celebration? And what if (completely hypothetically) your birthday inconveniently falls on a Wednesday in the middle of a VERY busy work week? Well that is just completely unfair! So, welcome to my birthweek!

We started the celebration yesterday with dinner out with K’s parents. It’s always so hard for me to decide where to eat for any occasion (because there are so many great restaurants in the city) but we settled on Third & Hollywood. Third & Hollywood is a more upscale restaurant from the owners of Northstar (home of the Earth Day free veggie burger) that I have only been to once, many years ago. Similar to Northstar, their menu is based off the use of local and organic ingredients, it’s a small menu (good for indecisive Ashley) but you can tell that lots of thought went into creating it.

For our appetizer we chose the apparently famous cheddar herb biscuits. I have heard many tales of these biscuits and they absolutely lived up to the hype. Melt in your mouth amazing (and probably about 2 lbs of butter in each). K. and I also split the radicchio and arugula salad and sipped on some Manhattans.

This is a terrible picture, I don’t know why I didn’t move the water glasses + pepper grinder. 

K. ordered the pork chop (it was massive) and his parents went with the seared tuna. For my entree I chose the veggie burger. I know that seems like an odd decision but I had no doubt it would be the best choice.

And it was. There truly are no words to do it justice. Underneath all that jazz on the top bun was probably half of an avocado. The corn mixture itself was perfect- spicy and super fresh. The roasted red peppers with chevre were a nice touch. Despite having a plate full of meat and potatoes in front of him, K. was jealous of MY dinner! I think that’s the first time he has ever had order-envy.

After a long walk we headed home for cake (because there is ALWAYS room for birthday cake).

A chocolate cake with whipped cream filling and covered in chocolate ganache from Schneider’s. So rich and incredibly delicious. A perfect start to birthweek!

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