Let’s Get Real.

As you might have gleaned from my previous posts this week has been rough on me. I’ve had trouble snapping out of vacation mode, the weather has been too cold (every other person in the midwest is probably disagreeing after last week’s heat wave) and work has been overwhelming. Our house is still a mess, my laundry is unwashed and my suitcase is still packed (don’t judge). I’ve managed to cook dinner only one night this week (but don’t worry- I was able to eat ice cream THREE) and I haven’t woken up for a single pre-work workout. It’s not a pretty picture.

The name is right, SO delicious! And on sale at Kroger. 

So what’s a girl to do? SNAP OUT OF IT! Although I led off with the bad let’s focus on the good parts of the week. Despite eating too many dinners out I’ve started every day off with a healthy breakfast, including my most favorite Greek yogurt pancakes.

Raspberry Chobani, shredded coconut + slivered almonds.

Even after a mentally draining day at work I pulled myself together for a speed workout this week. Tempo B, per Jenny Hadfield’s plan, looked like this:

5 minutes easy pace (zone 2)
10 minutes comfortable pace (zone 3)
10 minutes comfortably hard to hard (zone 4-5)
2 minutes recovery (zone 2-3)
Repeat X2

cool down
5 minutes easy pace (zone 2-3)
5 minutes walking
For my first 10 “comfortably hard” minutes I maintained an average pace of 8:15, for the second 8:22 which I was very pleased with. I’d LOVE to get that below 8 minutes before the marathon and I definitely think I have it in me.

This week I am officially trading in my half-marathon training plan for the full, which is exciting! I keep reminding myself that even though my half is less than a month away I still have plenty of time to get myself in tip top shape before the marathon. But that doesn’t give me the right to slack off- pull it together Ashley! We’ve got a wedding this weekend but I plan to squeeze in a long run before hand (and then dance the night away!). Next week my goal is to achieve another perfect-per-my-training plan week.

How do you motivate yourself when you’re feeling “blah”? 


  1. TOO COLD? You are crazy.


    Your sister who is enjoying the happiest, best weather conditions she could ever ask for

    PS I just unpacked my vacation stuff last night

  2. it was 56 last night, crazy cold for July!

    I should really get around to unpacking tonight, especially given that all my favorite clothes are still zipped up in the suitcase…

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