Vacation highlights

As I cling to the quickly fading memory of spending my days by the pool, I figured I’d share a few shots from my vacation. 

Lazy days are actually kind of hard for me (I know, I know, call me crazy) but I settled in pretty quickly. I didn’t stray too far from my typical schedule, timing wise. I loved being able to wake up without an alarm, even if I was still out of bed by 6a. With the unbearable heat it was best to get outdoor activities in before noon anyways. Most mornings were spent by the pool reading and witnessing ducky swimming lessons. I managed to read 2.5 books throughout the week, surpassing my goal of two, woo-hoo!

okay, so it only happened once but how cute is that?!?

We were lucky enough to have a full kitchen and a Trader Joe’s just minutes away so we stocked up on mostly healthy groceries and ate the majority of our meals + snacks at “home”.  I stuck with my morning egg white scrambles and ate tons of veggies and hummus, but there were lots of treats as well (it was vacation after all!).

It simply wouldn’t be vacation without giant bowls of popcorn

One of the nights we ate out was at an Italian place. I had an amazingly delicious gnocchi with a simple marinara sauce.

Before heading home we made a quick stop in D.C., my first time ever visiting! I wish we could have been there longer and I also wish that while we were there it wasn’t a trillion degrees with an air quality warning, but oh well. We still made the best of it.

The most important place we visited was definitely Georgetown Cupcakes.  Thanks to the advice of a friend we knew to place our order online the day before and just swing by to pick up the cupcakes, without that very important tip we never would have tasted the cupcakes because the line was INSANE. 

I was lucky enough to taste FIVE of these: white cake with chocolate frosting (back right), coconut (back left), key lime (middle right), mint cookies n’ cream (middle left) and strawberry (front right).  They were all delicious- the cake was so moist and the frosting wasn’t overwhelming. The salted caramel (front left) was spoken for but received a thumbs up from the eater! Definitely worth the detour and highly recommended.

So there you have it, ten days of vacation in five pictures- that has to be some kind of record- but for me this vacation was about catching up with some of my favorite people and RELAXING. And that’s exactly what I did.

What kind of vacation do you prefer- adventures or relaxation?


  1. You absolutely should! I brought that one home for the boyfriend (and then demanded a bite for myself because I'm nice like that) and it was probably the best of the bunch. A perfectly subtle mint- not fake minty like some mint chocolate goodies tend to be.

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