Vacation check-in

Greetings from vacation! It’s been so nice to have a bit of a break from life, I’ve been doing my best to thoroughly enjoy it.

Before heading to our “real” vacation destination, I got to spend a few days in my hometown. Even though it’s only 2.5 hours away I don’t visit nearly enough. Friday night was fun & family-filled, which is always a great way to kick off a week of vacation. On Saturday morning my sister and I set out for the local towpath. I was so glad that she planned on running 8 miles because that meant I only had to suffer through the last 5 on my own. The run ended up flying by, honestly, and was nearly perfect (we probably could have started about 45 minutes earlier as it got a bit toasty near the end). After the run, K. and I went spent the afternoon playing on the beach.

Not too shabby for the midwest, eh?

We were out of town by 6a on Sunday morning and Summer Vacation 2013 was finally underway. My goal has been to do as little as possible, read at least two books and come home with a nice golden brown tan. I’ve been focusing really hard on achieving them. It’s tough work, but someone’s got to do it!

As far as my training plan goes I’ve been pretty laid back. I got my planned run in on Monday morning (even though we aren’t in a great location for running) and cross-trained on Tuesday (arms + abs and a good amount of walking). This morning I woke up early to fight for a dreadmill but someone beat me to it! I took it in stride and spent a lovely 40 minutes with Jillian (yep, she came on vacation with me). I hope to fit at least another two runs in but I don’t feel pressured.

I can already tell I am going to have a serious problem readjusting to real life- vacation life is so much better!

Anyone else enjoying a vacation now? Or counting down to one soon?

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