Rainy runs and cats

In line with my reinstated dedication to my training plan, I decided to take the risk and head out for a run despite the warning of scattered thunderstorms (which has been the daily forecast for what seems like forever). I thought that just MAYBE Ohio would be nice to me for 50 minutes and let me sneak this in. So I fueled up with part of a quinoa bar topped with extra PB (of course) and hit the road.

Oh naive Ashley, of course Ohio wouldn’t play nice. About ten minutes in the rain started coming down, a light drizzle at first and then suddenly BUCKETS. I stopped and took shelter under a tree (really smart during a potential thunderstorm) but realized that I should probably just suck it up. I ditched my iPod + headphones and put them safely in my super secret pocket and ran music-free towards my house. My plan was 50 minutes and if I just went back I’d only hit 20, which wouldn’t be acceptable. I decided to aim for 30, then 40 and then just kept going for the full 50. My feet felt like they weighed a million pounds by the end.  Running in rain makes you tougher, right? In the very least it finally cleans your shoes off from the Dirty Duathlon you ran nearly two months ago. 🙂

The rest of the night was spent lounging. We gave the gray girls some catnip and watched them roll around in glee (a totally normal activity for a Monday night). Dora found a new favorite spot, conveniently located on the stairs, and has pretty much refused to move.

She is completely unconcerned with the fact that someone might step on her. 

And because one cat is never enough here’s a glamour shot of Charlotte enjoying the morning sun/preparing to swat the camera because she apparently didn’t want her picture taken. 

Tonight I’m putting together my very loose training plan for vacation. I’ll be scoping out some running routes with the help of Google maps and checking MapMyRun and the Daily Mile for any recommendations. Seeing as I regularly get lost in my own neighborhood I’m hoping to find a nice easy loop to stick to but that may be overly optimistic. Any advice for training on vacation?


  1. Running in the rain is fun, sometimes, as long as it doesn't pour down. wow, that sounds really tough. On vacation, bring the running shoes. It gives you a chance to learn some new routes!

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