Foodie Penpal Reveal!

The Lean Green Bean

I decided to branch out and try something new this month, so I signed up for Foodie Penpals. Lindsay over @ The Lean Green Bean started this program way back in September 2011 and I only wish I had stumbled upon it sooner!

Going in I didn’t know if I was more excited to send a package or to receive one. I had so much fun picking out some local favorites and shipping them away that I already felt that I had got a lot out of the experience, but when I came home to a box sitting on my doorstep I was giddy with excitement. I started digging in instantly and nearly forgot to take pictures!

My box arrived perfectly packed!

My penpal, Chloe from How She Runs, did an AMAZING job with this box. I was so touched by how thoughtful she was! Through our quick email exchanges we learned that we had a bit in common- vegetarians, runners, both hate olives (a true sign that we were meant to be penpals!)- so I had total faith that this box would rock but it went above and beyond my expectations.

So much variety- a sampling of teas complete with a mug to drink them out of, a box of couscous, a ThinkThin bar, a pack of gum, White Chocolate Wonderful PB and a crazy straw. Chloe included a mug because she collects them and I just love that. Everything was perfect and I literally dug into the peanut butter instantly. I’m way too embarrassed to admit how much is left right now (hint: not very much at all).

I couldn’t have asked for a better first Foodie Penpal experience and I will definitely be back for more! You should check it out and join in on the fun as well, trust me, you won’t regret it. You have until the 4th of the month to sign up 😉

Thanks again Chloe!


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