Food Prep Planning Stages

You guys, this is the weekend that I finally get my stuff together and get our weekly food prep done! The weather gods seem to be in support of my plans to stay in the kitchen as the forecast is currently rain, rain, rain (that should make for a fun 12-miler) so I won’t even be tempted to sneak outside and play instead. 

I’ve got the pins, I’ve got the plan, I’ve set aside the budget and I’ve (almost) finished our grocery list. This is the recipe for success, right?

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish:

– bake two blocks of tofu (for wraps + salad toppers)
chickpea-sweet potato burgers
– Veganomicon’s black bean burgers
Lean Green Bean’s quinoa breakfast bars
bake one dozen hard boiled eggs
– prep veggies + fruits,  prepackage some for grab n’ go snacks + lunches
– make hummus (plain + red pepper)
– make homemade salsa
– prepare peanut sauce for Spicy Peanut Noodles (Monday’s planned dinner)
– cook quinoa + rice (for messy Mexican + stir fry dinners)
– make a quinoa/bean salad 
– one TBD dessert type item

I know that looks like kind of a lot but I figured go big or go home. I’ve got the time this weekend so I want to knock out whatever I can. The two burgers can be frozen and carried over to next week too. I can only imagine how much it will be appreciated as I make my way through a 60 hour work week. 

My goal is to strictly stick to our food budget. The July challenge is to eat all breakfasts + lunches and most dinners at home (minus while I’m on vacation, but even then we have plans to do lots of cooking!). A big problem will be portion control. We are both very active and as I’ve increased my training I have notice a HUGE increase in my hunger, obviously. I plan to do a lot of pre-portioning so we don’t eat our way through a weeks worth of food in two days, because there is a serious risk of that happening. 

I can’t wait to share photos (I promise to actually take them) and stories of my first ever weekend food prep, wish me luck!

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