Snow Pea Stir Fry

On Saturday I got some great things at the farmer’s market- fresh local strawberries (which are already long gone), a variety pack of my favorite Luna vegan burgers, a spicy muenster cheese, a huge bunch of rainbow chard and some snow peas. I knew right away that the chard and snow peas were meant for stir fry so tonight I was looking forward to cooking.

After a great session with my favorite drill sergeant (a.k.a. Jillian Michaels) I was famished and so glad I had dinner planned.

I started the way I start every recipe- by caramelizing a nice big onion. While the onion was cooking down, I prepared and washed the chard + snow peas. I added the chard in first, then some frozen broccoli and let it cook for awhile. 

While the veggies continued to cook I began to heat up a Peanut Cilantro Luna burger in another pan. This is probably my favorite variety. It’s got Ohio maple syrup, jalapenos, cilantro and Krema nut peanut butter in it. Delicious.

As the burger got close to being done I threw in the snow peas as I wanted them to be warm but still crisp. I drizzled a little bit of soy sauce and agave (honestly maybe a teaspoon of each, the veggies were so flavorful it didn’t need much) right before I took it off the heat. Combined it in a bowl and voila!

Not insanely photogenic but yummy (and nutritious!) all the same.

Of course I wouldn’t dare go to bed without dessert:

Key lime Chobani flip! This one had graham cracker crumbles and mini white chocolate chips. The yogurt wasn’t runny, my main complaint about the flips, and the flavors were spot on. Will definitely eat again (and again, and again, and again).


  1. I just ordered some of those veggie burgers from our CSA and am VERY excited to try them. And I didn't even know they contained PB, so now I am double-sold.

  2. I have enjoyed getting caught up on your blog, and hope the ratio of cat photos will soon increase! When you order these Luna burgers, how do they come? The pricing says 4.50- is that for each one?

  3. Two per box- at the farmer's market they run a 3 boxes for $10 deal so if you are interested in trying I can pick you up some and bring them to you on vacation?

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