Five reasons why today will be fantastic

When I got home from work last night this was waiting for me in the mailbox:

The first (and let’s be honest, probably ONLY) time I will ever place in a race! It was so exciting to see. I told K. that I want to hang it in the living room and even though he laughed as though I was joking I took that to be a sign of agreement. Totally made my night.

So onto today. Why is it going to be so fantastic?

1. This morning started out with an easy 3 miles. It was cooler than it has been and perfectly clear. I also noticed that I’m finally picking up a bit more speed while still staying in my aerobic zone. Yay for progress!

2. Breakfast was awesome:

Potato + egg scramble topped with salsa. Yum.

3. The current weather forecast

4. Fun new pants

This room may still look messy but it is actually 100% improved from the last photo I almost posted.
5. Plans to meet a friend for Happy Hour after work for delicious snacks and drinks!

What are you looking forward to today? This weekend?

Happy Friday!

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