Things I’m Thinking about on Thursday

1. Yesterday I completed my longest (distance wise) physical activity ever- a 22 mile bike ride! It was fantastic and I felt great and can’t wait to push myself even further (especially since I would like to RUN 26.2 miles in October…eek)

2. During said bike ride I saw not one, not two, but THREE separate men …relieving themselves.. to the side of this beautiful trail. Not athletes, just every day dudes. Really?? 

3. I’m trying to use Twitter. I don’t get it. I may only be in my mid late twenties but when it comes to technology I might as well be 65. I’m just getting a grasp on Facebook. Someone teach me the ways! And follow me, or whatever you say in twitter-talk, @cardiocatscook, I think. Instagram is next, ooph. #nottechsaavy (something like that?)

4. While I wouldn’t quite call what I’ve got going on a tan just yet, I certainly have some crazy tan lines starting since all my time outside has been during runs and rides. Lots of different sports bra/tank top/sock lines going on. Super sexy.

5. I rode my bike to work today (good golly my butt was sore) and felt like a total bad ass. I don’t even know why- my commute is seriously not even 2 miles- but whatever, it was a big deal for me.

6. Dessert last night was a medium twist cone from the very conveniently located Dairy Queen (at the end of my street). I am going to need to show some serious restraint or I may end up there every single night this summer and that can’t be good for the waistline.

7. I’ve been spending some time trying to fancify (that’s a word, I swear) my blog and any input would be appreciated! I’ve added pages for my favorite blogs + fitness gear and plan to do a longer “about me” page as well as a recipe page. It’s taking me some time but I’ll get the hang of this blogging thing soon.

8. It is almost Friday, yay!

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