Manic Monday

Happy Monday! Due to summer hours I get to work a (slightly) shortened day today which would be great if I didn’t have so much work to get done! Considering that, I’ll keep this short & sweet.

1. My duathlon yesterday was awesome! I have a recap post in the works but I’m just waiting for some photos to drop in. I’m absolutely hooked on multi sport events now and desperately want to start swimming so a tri can be in my future. 

2. The high here today is close to 90 degrees! Ohio is so bad at seasons.

3. Thanks to #2 our poor kitties are really hot today. Since the temperature is supposed to drop back down we are trying not to turn the AC on (which I realize sounds insane given the 90 degrees high, but whatever) and the gray girls have just been sprawling out on the hard floors all morning. I tried to explain to them that the basement would be cooler but they didn’t seem to understand.

4. I’m completely obsessed with A1 sauce. Last night for dinner we grilled some spicy black bean burgers and I covered that thing in A1. So delicious, definitely not just for steak!

5. K.’s mom bought us a panini press a couple weeks ago and we thought that was totally weird. We have a REALLY small kitchen (which makes me so sad) with zero storage space and we just don’t need random appliances. Little did I know that I would fall in love with this thing. I swear I have used it almost every day. It makes toasty, melty sandwiches in 30 seconds flat.

6. I’m absolutely eating frozen yogurt for lunch today. 

That’s all for now, have a great week!

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