Run, ride, run- Oh my!

So yesterday was a landmark day for two reasons- my first ever brick workout and a training ride without K. It made me feel like a real cyclist!

My friend (who is doing the duathlon with me) and I had made plans to work out together. She is mainly a cyclist who has only dabbled in running so I was there to motivate her through the run and she was in charge of pushing us during the ride. Since the race is 2-12-2 we planned to do 1-10-1 with no real pace in mind, just getting out and pushing ourselves a bit.

I had a pretty standard pre-workout breakfast about 2 hours before we were set to head out

Toast with mounds of PB2 + strawberry jam, peach Chobani, coffee

Running a mile felt kind of stupid, to be honest. I didn’t really know a good route so I just took us in a big loop around the block and used the Garmin to figure out when to turn and head back. My street is a serious up hill climb so I probably could have made a better decision (especially with a running newbie) but she did great. It was a nice slow mile that got our legs ready to ride. We popped back in the house, grabbed our bikes and headed to the trail. Here is the downside of having my Garmin- I didn’t even think to bring my phone to use as a camera! It was a beautiful day out yesterday. Chillier than it has been but clear and sunny. The sky was super blue and with all the trees in full bloom the trail just looked better than ever. Thanks to the cooler weather our route was less busy than usual and we could comfortably ride side by side if we wanted. We alternated between a comfortable conversational pace, chatting away, and really pushing ourselves for a mile or two at a time. 

We ended up knocking out over 11 miles way quicker than I had imagined (which was good because I was on a SUPER time crunch) and then headed out for our last mile of running. Unfortunately my friend’s shin splints were acting up so it turned into more of a run/walk deal but it still got us to shake our legs out. I was pleased to see that our average pace was about 2 mph faster than my last ride, it gave me more confidence in my riding and made me more aware of the fact that I can push myself to be better on the bike.

By the time we got home I had to move in super speed to make it to lunch on time. I chugged some water and was showered and out the door in 15 minutes flat. Someone should really give me a medal for that performance.

We were out of the house all day long yesterday and I was so thankful to come home and collapse on the couch, I think Dora felt the same way

Seriously, how cute is she?!

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  1. that's nice brickwork! Running off of the bike really makes you feel like you're running on tree stumps huh? wild times. You get more used to it the more often you do it.

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