Training Plan Tuesday

I’m a huge fan of alliteration so Tuesday seemed like a great plan to share my training plan for the next few weeks. 

This upcoming duathlon will be my first not-just-running race and I have absolutely no idea how to train for it (obviously as I have clearly not been training for it yet).  I’m still shaking out my legs from the half so I will be pretty flexible with my goals for the week and just kind of see how I’m feeling.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 20-30 minutes- bike
Wednesday: a.m. easy 30 minute run, p.m. Jillian DVD
Thursday: 30-40 minutes bike
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 miles running/10 miles biking
Sunday: 1 hour yoga

My plan is to essentially repeat this next week, slightly increasing my times, and try to squeeze in one more longer bike ride and maybe another brick workout. The set up of this race is 2 miles running/12 miles biking/2 miles running. I’m certainly not concerned about the running and I have ridden 10-15 miles plenty of times I’ve just never done it with any sense of urgency. I’m oddly nervous about cycling in a race environment but the only way to move past that is to do it!

After the duathlon I’ll have another easy week and then it looks like I’ll be diving back into half marathon + (eeek) full marathon training! As of today I’m eyeing a half on 8/25 and a full on 10/20 (among a few others…). The plans that I’ve been playing around with line up pretty well and even though I was tempted to have a few more plan-less I think that sticking with a schedule is best, plus I won’t lose any of my base this way. I’ve still got a few weeks until I need to register (re: until the prices rise) so if anything comes up and I need to dial it back it’s not a problem. I’m so excited about moving into longer distances and hope to use cycling as my cross training and come across a few more multi sport races this summer. 

How are your race schedules shaping up?

One comment

  1. You should call it Tuesday's Iterative Training Schedule (TITS). Good luck in the du! That looks like a fun race, and I tend to really hate du's. I don't know why they feel so much harder than triathlons. I bet the hot yoga will be a great recovery method.

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