Me Day

Greetings Blogland!

I’m taking today as a me day. I’ve got a vacation day from work, I slept in and now I have the next few hours to work on my race day playlist, clean the house for my weekend visitors and lounge around with the kitties to fully rest my muscles 🙂 I’ll be hitting up the expo later today (one of the best parts of race weekend!) and then enjoying a nice spaghetti dinner with a few of my favorite people.

My focus for the day is to keep my nerves at bay and just remember that I’ve done everything I can do.  I’ll be dreaming dreams of sub-2 all day and night and giving this race all I’ve got. In past races I was too afraid to fight for one goal because I didn’t want to end up disappointed but I think a little disappointment is okay and can be motivational. Regardless of my time I’ll be happy knowing that I did my best (is that too corny?) so that’s what I plan to do.

At some point I’ll be back with a race report, hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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