Tuesday Musings

Today is a list making kind of day.

1. Last night our neighbor double parked behind us despite there being many open spots in the parking lot (even one just a single spot over!). It made my blood boil! Such a passive aggressive thing to do. We do not have assigned spots but typically we try to leave the two spots behind their door open for them, we couldn’t last night (other neighbor was unloading lots of stuff from his car) and they react in such a childish manner. Owning a home is looking better and better.

2. This week’s Jillian workout was Six Weeks to 6-pack and man, my core is WEAK. The workout didn’t seem all that hard but I just couldn’t hang.

3. I know that carb loading is kind of a myth, especially 5 days before a half marathon, but I will use any excuse I can to eat a sweet potato that takes up half my plate (oh hey Jillian DVD)

4. I may turn into a coconut. I have been drinking coconut water like it is my job, yay electrolytes

5. 4 miles at an 8:50ish pace (progressive last mile down to a 7:30) felt like a freaking marathon. And I’m supposed to run 13.1 at a 9:10 in 4 days? Riiiiight.

6. Every since Hungry Runner Girl reminded me about 8-minute abs I’ve been trying to do it daily. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a six pack soon.

7. Today really truly feels like Spring and I hope it sticks around! Tomorrow is May and I’ve been patient enough, I NEED WARM WEATHER.

8. Every morning, right when I am down to the wire and need to get out of bed instantly or else I’ll be late for whatever I need to do- Charlotte turns into the cutest cat ever. She gets super cuddly and refuses to move, even if I start getting up or moving the blankets. I love days off so that I can enjoy her cuteness and not have to try to resist and get on with my day.

9. 92% of the photos on my phone are of food. (7% cats, 1% cars parking badly).

Happy Tuesday!


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