I FOUND CHOBANI FLIP + the return of two-a-days

Yesterday was a pretty good day but hands down the best part was this:

(I obviously mean the Chobani flip, but reading Runner’s World is never a bad thing either)

But first let’s rewind!

As I’ve alluded to, running has finally been feeling really fantastic again (thank you new shoes!) so I returned to my regularly scheduled training this week. I squeezed in 5 miles before breakfast yesterday and then had Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones on deck for the evening. Not going to lie, it was really rough. For me, NMTZ is her hardest DVD and by half way through my legs were already trembling. Fortunately I dug deep and finished and of course felt great once it was over. I made a quick run to the store for dinner supplies and was elated when I finally laid eyes upon the elusive Chobani flip!

Dinner was quick and easy

Sauteed tofu + red peppers, romaine, spinach, lots of avocado and my favorite agave/mustard dressing (don’t be deceived by the picture, that is a GIANT mixing bowl). Chocolate milk on the side for recovery.

And then dessert. Finally.

I have to admit, I was SLIGHTLY disappointed by this. The build up had been pretty big so it had a lot to live up to. I found the yogurt to be a bit runny, which is never true of Chobani, and the toppings to be really sweet. I enjoyed the combination and I will definitely buy again (and try more flavors) but for me it’s absolutely a dessert, not a snack.

Today I’m going to start mapping out my last 10 days of training. It’s just been so great to be running pain free that I want to run all the time but I know I need to ease up just a bit (especially given how sporadic my training has been over the past month) to make sure my legs are strong and fresh for next weekend. I’ll post my plan later today.

Happy hump day!

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