Twelve days ago I planned on resuming regular posting (for all my loyal readers, ha) but then life got in the way.

– an (expensive) enjoyable personal day off from work (Hair cut! New shoes! Trader Joe’s!)
– a terrible attempt at a long run (grrr)
– a weekend long visit from my sister + cousin (Good food! Playing darts! Yoga!)
– the tragedy at Boston, which I followed closely all week long
– some heavy stuff going on with my family

I felt overwhelmed, emotionally drained and just kind of stalled. My motivation to do anything was truly gone and I didn’t really know where to start. I drafted a post about about my battles with feeling like this in that past, how life can really get me down sometime and it can be hard for me to get back up. Running and exercising regularly was what helped me fight back. Whenever I fall off the fitness wagon (so to speak) the first few days and weeks of getting back on are still a struggle. I talk myself out of workout so easily but at least I have the power of knowing that if I can just get out the door everything else will fall away.

On Friday I took another day off work (yay for a generous amount of vacation time!). I slept in a bit, laced up my shiny new shoes and headed to the gym. I didn’t know what to expect, I was fighting against it the whole time, I didn’t have a workout planned I just needed to do something to escape from everything else. Somehow, time passed. I ran 6 miles in my new shoes pain free. I got off the treadmill feeling exhilarated (a rarity from a treadmill run) and threw in a few strength cycles for the hell of it. Everything I had been feeling from the week prior was gone. My head was clear and I felt like me again.

So on Saturday I did it again. I fought the lazy, I went to the gym and I left feeling great.

And on Sunday I dragged myself out of bed despite having a too late night and took the hardest yoga class I’ve ever done. Amazing.

Today I hit snooze. My legs are tired and my shoulders were a bit sore and it seemed smart to rest. I had 10 sedentary days followed by 3 days of strenuous workouts so it made sense. And yet, that little voice crept back in. “You’re so lazy, I can’t believe you can’t get out of bed. How do you think you’ll ever be in great shape if THIS is how you train? What about that half marathon? I can’t believe you, such a disappointment”. 

I told it to shut up.

Sometimes life is hard, things don’t go your way, you get a little off track. All you can do is get back on and try again.

I’ve got some new shoes to review (after a few more runs. All I can say for now is there are SO pretty and I’ve had zero foot pain), a run down of my Two Weeks to HM plan (eek) and a few other tricks up my sleeve.

For today, enjoy the moment that you are in. 


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