Slow & Steady

This week has been so confusing for me, I felt like Monday was Tuesday all day long and, again, today feels like Tuesday. Perhaps I’m just stuck in a Tuesday state of mind.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Ohio, the first 80 degree day of the year and I got to spend 13 hours at work BOO. I did take a long break with a coworker for some frozen yogurt and sun time. Perfection.

Between jobs I had just enough time to make myself dinner

In the bowl (from our insanely empty fridge): romaine, a vegan “chicken” patty, chickpeas and a dressing made out of yellow mustard and agave (so easy and super delicious). This was the last patty in the box we picked up a few weeks ago and though I don’ t love the ingredient list, they are so speedy and the nutritional stats aren’t too shabby. 

After a few hours on my feet at my second job I could feel that my foot was acting up again, it’s so annoying. I didn’t have time to get to the running store but I’m making it a priority now! My half is in 24 days (and my sub-2 dream has long gone out the window) so if new shoes are the answer I need them ASAP. I also made the smart decision and didn’t run this morning – I’m just getting back into it so I didn’t want to push it.

Revised training schedule for the week:

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 50 minutes running (5.38 miles)
Wednesday- Jillian hour long strength DVD
Thursday- 50 minutes running (probably on the treadmill, weather is looking less than good)
Friday- 50 minutes cross training (cycling on the trainer or elliptical)
Saturday- Long Run! Dreaming of 10-12, but that might be dumb. We’ll see.
Sunday- Yoga

I need to sit down and look over the rest of my plan, reevaluate my goals and try to be realistic. This won’t be my last race so I can’t let myself feel to down about it- I’ve already got so many more on the horizon!

Coming up in the next few weeks I have some posts that I’ve been working on about state of mind and internal battles plus lots of recipes! Topics perhaps more interesting than my lame meals and whining about running woes. 🙂


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