Cupcakes can make you forget a bad run

This weekend was full of ups and downs- too many (unpaid) extra hours at work, sleeping in on Saturday, one of the worst runs of my life (truly terrible), pancakes, baking delicious cupcakes and St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

I don’t want to talk about the work and I definitely don’t want to talk about the run so let’s just jump forward to the cupcakes.

Oh the cupcakes!

We had plans to go to a St. Patrick’s day party yesterday and I knew I wanted to bring a delicious treat. Enter Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. Guinness in the cake, Irish whiskey in the filling and Bailey’s in the frosting. Yes, please!

I found a recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker on Pinterest and was quite pleased with it. I made a few changes throughout (plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, double the whiskey in the ganache filling and less butter and powdered sugar in the frosting). These are definitely not healthy nor for the faint of heart, but there were perfectly moist and a HUGE hit at the party. 

You make the cupcake batter and bake the cupcakes as you normally would.

You then cut out the centers (going about 2/3 of the way down) to fit in the filling. K. was happy to help with this part as he mostly just popped the center pieces right into his mouth.

I piped in the ganache filling using a basic frosting tip. This step was messy but not difficult.

And finally you frost the cupcake! I’m no whiz with a pastry bag but I think they turned out pretty enough.

Our friends seriously gobbled them up in no time. Although my St.Patrick’s day didn’t involve any green beer these were festive (and strong!) and got the job done 😉


  1. holy shit that looks fantastic. I fail to see how any weekend containing irish car bomb anything could be bad. Really really bad is understandable, but in cupcakes? that can only be good. ❤

  2. Hahaha, they truly did help to end the weekend on a high note. And by the time I had eaten most of the leftover filling + frosting I had almost completely forgot all the bad parts (maybe I was just a bit buzzed though, ha!)

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