Foods + Foot Pain

In complete contrast to last week, today is not Good Mood Friday. But at least it IS Friday.

My foot is still not quite right. I skipped my planned run this morning, opted NOT to cross train (I think I was just being lazy) and even started looking into making a doctor’s appointment. I’m not sure I’m there yet, but I was definitely riding high on self-pity this morning.

To snap myself out of it I made a healthy breakfast (and a large amount of coffee)

Egg whites on toast smeared with herbed goat cheese. Yummy!

Today is an extra long day at work so I packed carrots for my morning snack and used some of last night’s leftovers to make a salad that would keep me full through the extra hours

Spinach + romaine base, cucumbers, hummus, feta and lentil chili. Delicious and quite filling.

Tonight’s agenda is nothing but RICE. My legs are itching to run and I’d love to put in some sort of long run tomorrow morning so I’m going to take it suuuuper easy and hope the mystery pain goes away.

Hopefully there is something new on Netflix so I can have my own little TV marathon tonight. Luckily I know there is half a slice of cheesecake in the fridge that can help to cheer me up 🙂 

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