We need to go grocery shopping

Wednesdays are typically my two-a-days, speed work in the morning + Jillian at night. Last night I was 100% dreading Jillian. I was tired, we had a goodbye get together to get to, I was lazy. I was also SO thankful that I had a friend coming over to do it with me because without that extra motivation it never would have happened. She was feeling the same way I was- completely unmotivated. We tossed around some cliche mantras like “the only workout you regret is the one you don’t do” and sucked it up for the measly 20 minutes of 30DS level 3. As expected we felt so accomplished as soon as we finished! Cliche or not, all those sayings are true. (And I think level 2 is worse than level 3, level 3 may be my favorite).

As the title indicates our fridge is barren. I used the leftover ingredients from Sunday’s risotto to whip up dinner

In the pan- 1/2 an onion, rainbow chard, portabella + shitake mushrooms, green peas, dried thyme. Served over quinoa with a bit of herbed goat cheese and a dollop of hummus. Not too shabby!

After dinner we stopped by our friends house to say goodbye to her before she moves on Friday. We played the game Cards of Humanity, which is essentially a really offensive (in the best way possible!) grown up version of Apples to Apples. We ended up playing through the whole deck and hanging out WAY too late.

After the combination of a two-a-day and a very late night I knew the odds were slim that I’d squeeze in a cross training work out today. Luckily my training plan clearly states “Rest or Cross” today so I didn’t even feel bad stealing an extra 2.5 hours of sleep this morning (so glorious).

Due to the aforementioned lack of groceries my breakfast options were slim to none. No eggs, which also meant no Greek Yogurt pancakes. Luckily my pantry always comes through so a classic yogurt mess was on the menu

Raspberry chobani, raw oats, shredded coconut and chia seeds. Delicious but not exactly what one wants to eat on a 29 degree morning. Oh well! At least it was nutritious.

Happy almost Friday!

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