Date Night

Last night K. and I took a much needed break from social obligations and had a little date night. One of the (many) misconceptions I had about living together was that we might not have enough space for “me” time. I was never really concerned that we’d get sick of each other, per se, just that we wouldn’t have enough time apart. But our lives are busy- we’ve both got jobs (I’ve got two- a full time and a part time), hobbies and our own friends (even though many of them overlap). On a typical week at least one of us is busy 5-6 of the nights! While I love that we are both independent people, it’s nice to take some “us” time.

So we turned down plans, turned off the cells phones and headed out for a cliche night of dinner  + a movie. Since we aren’t as young as we once were, we snuck out of work early and caught the 4:30p showing of Oz: The Great and Powerful (in 3D!)

Visually, the movie was stunning. If you plan on seeing it you should definitely see it in 3D. As far as an overall review, I still feel torn. As we were walking out K. asked “so, what did you think” and all I could say was “I really don’t know!” and he felt the same way. They were plenty of parts that had me laughing and “awww”-ing but I wasn’t sold on most of the casting even though I typically enjoy all the actors in other roles. The movie definitely tried to engage all audiences- I’m sure kids will love it, their parents won’t be bored and mid-to-late childless 20 somethings (like us) will come to see it for the nostalgia factor and the recognizable cast. I’m interested to read other reviews now that I’ve seen it, as I’d been avoiding them so I wouldn’t read any spoilers. I happily went in knowing very little- I knew it was a prequel to the Wizard of Oz but nothing beyond that. I can definitely say that I’m glad I saw it.

After the movie we decided to use a restaurant gift card we got for Christmas. It was a fancy (re: overpriced) chain restaurant that we wouldn’t normally go to and the meal was just okay but the company was great! We took a walk (inside a mall, it is COLD again here) to let dinner settle and then I convinced K. that we needed some ice cream. We grabbed some to go and settled in for an episode of Boardwalk Empire and then I called it a night. It was just what we needed.

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