Retail Therapy Rest Day

After checking out Runner’s World What to Wear guide and planning out my outfit I finally talked myself out of running. I knew that today’s 9 miler would do nothing but further aggravate the injury. So what’s an injured runner to do on an unexpected rest day?

Retail therapy!

First stop, my guilty pleasure

I am literally not even supposed to go without the supervision of K. (the boyfriend) but I needed a pick me up and I had an ACTUAL list of things to get. Even though I spent a bit too much time perusing the clothes, shoes and candles I did well and stuck to my list

Socks, toothpaste, dental floss, vitamin D gummies (which I have to hide from K. because he is a child and wants to eat them all), loose mineral powder and a neutral shimmery eye shadow.
Old Navy is next to Target so I popped in to see if I could find anything for St. Patrick’s day. I found a maybe shirt (it’s not super green but it does have some. and it’s cute) and another long sleeve tee that was on sale for $6!

And then I did what any good Healthy Living Blogger would have and checked out the newly remodeled Whole Foods. It. was. PACKED. I was totally intimidated so I only snapped a few pics. This place is unbelievable, they have a bulk section that is bigger than I have ever seen (two whole rows!). The bulk Olive Oil + honey wall and popcorn table were my favorites

Amazing. I can’t wait to go back and do a real shopping trip. For today I just grabbed the first things that caught my eye and every sample I could (I was famished)

Tortilla chips, salsa, hummus, bulk quinoa and green lentils, a new-to-me flavored coconut water (lychee!) and chia seeds. I snagged a salad from the cold bar for a late lunch and forgot to photograph, sorry. It was delicious though! Now I’m RICE-ing like it’s my job and letting the kitties nurse me back to health

Fingers crossed I’m back to 100% tomorrow!

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