I’m currently faced with a dilemma that I’m sure all my fellow runners have stared down before:

To run or to rest.

I’m notoriously bad at cutting back when needed. Once I’m committed to something, I’m in 100%. Perhaps to a fault. 

I’ve always had issues with my feet/ankles, my 18+ years of doing gymnastics did plenty of damage along the way. It’s normal for me to have to ice/elevate after most runs and walk a little funny in the mornings but my feet rarely hurt while I’m actually running. A mystery injury to my right foot sidelined me for three weeks before my last half and then I ran it pain free!

I’d been feeling strong recently and I started rotating a more minimalist shoe into my runs (Brooks PureCadence2, still a stability shoe but MUCH less marshmallowy and heavy than my Adrenalines). I’ve been taking it slow, 3 or so miles every week or two, easy runs only. Yesterday I wore them for my easy 4 and I knew something felt wrong around mile 1.5 and stupid stupid me ran through it. I know better but I’m stubborn. I had 4 miles on my plan and that was nothing so I’d just tough it out. The pain came and went and I felt okay when I finished so I convinced myself all was well. By 9p last night I was essentially couch ridden and was icing my foot every hour 😦

After sleeping with an ice pack strapped to my foot I woke up this morning feeling a little sore but I walked it out and I feel okay now. I’m staring at the 9 miles on my training plan and thinking “I could just do them slowly” or “I could make it a 6 miler”. Boyfriend reminded me that one run isn’t worth it, that if I want to run my 10K race in 2 weeks I shouldn’t run today but I want to. I feel lazy, I feel like a quitter, I feel like I’m failing myself. I know this is negative self talk and I know it’s not rational but I can’t quite shake it. I just got called off from my second job so I literally have nothing else to do today so I could run and then rest, right?

Someone talk some sense into me! Remind me I shouldn’t run (or support me and tell me to go for it 😉 )

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