Good mood Friday!

I’ll admit it’s hard to be in a bad mood on Fridays, but today just feels extra good. 

Last night’s dinner was this delicious Carrot Butternut Ginger Soup from Peanut Butter Runner with a huge side of broccoli.

I was craving vegetables and although I’m glad to see the cold weather going away it was nice to get in one more soup night. But come on spring time! For dessert I tried the coffee with dark chocolate Chobani Bite

And oh em gee, so delicious! I wish it came in larger containers (does it?) but the 3.5oz was a perfect pre-bedtime treat.

This morning was the same as every other morning minus the fact that I actually woke up easily and felt well rested. I set a strict bedtime for myself all this week and I think it definitely paid off. Work out was running 4 easy miles and breakfast was pretty much just like yesterday

Egg whites, cottage cheese, mini bagel w/ veggie cream cheese (only 3 mini bagels left, I know I’ll miss them when they are gone).

Thirsty Thursday was a raging success and I finished the day with about 120 oz of H2O. I’m going to strive to make 100oz my daily goal, I’m starting today off my with new favorite coconut water and a giant cup of coffee. Despite finally feeling well rested I can’t seem to cut the coffee habit, it’s just so yummy. Maybe I should start switching to half decaf? We’ll see.

Happy Friday!


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