Branching Out in March

Happy last day of February! I’m telling myself that March means spring but the snow falling from the sky right now is making that a little hard to believe. Stupid winter.

This year I didn’t really set any new year’s resolutions, I laid out of a few goals for myself (personal, professional, financial and physical) and just wanted to strive to be a better version of me. I feel pretty good about where I stand now but I want to challenge myself a bit more so I decided to branch out in March. 

But then I thought, why wait? Yesterday I signed up for my first ever race that involves something other than running! It’s a short duathlon with a 12 mile bike ride sandwiched between two 2 mile trail runs. I’m really excited to sloooooowly move into triathlon territory and I feel comfortable with these distances already! I’m not the fastest cyclist so I really want to to work on increasing my speed and stamina on the bike. I don’t know how it is easier for me to run 13 miles than it is to ride 10 but hopefully in a few weeks it won’t be. I’ve added some cycling goals to my training plan because the duathlon is 2 weeks after my half but since cycling is the perfect cross training it works out well. I’ve already started to scope out some starter tris and plan to tackle Caitlin’s Ironman March which will be really interesting given that I have NEVER swam for exercise. New things galore!

In keeping with the theme I tried a new-to-me Greek yogurt. I’ve constantly read about Chobani but I have been a Fage + Trader Joe’s brand loyalist from the start. While grocery shopping last night I noticed that Chobani was $0.40 cheaper per container than Fage (back to those financial goals for 2013!) so I took the plunge. 

And I am so mad that I waited this long! This peach flavor was heavenly. I had feared it would be too sweet but it was perfectly balanced and I will be buying lots more in the future. 

Any must try Chobani flavors??

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