My Favorite Lazy Night Meal

Is it just me or is this week draaaaagging? I can’t believe it is only Tuesday. Ooph.

When thinking about dinner my only preference was something quick and easy. Luckily my saint of a boyfriend offered to cook before he headed out to the climbing wall so I got to relax while he took the reigns.

We have a few default meals and messy Mexican is one of my favorites. It’s quick (15 minutes, max) and really flexible based on what we have/don’t have in the fridge. Tonight’s mix was:

– black beans seasoned with cumin & chili powder
– caramelized onions
– sauteed red peppers + jalapenos

We’ll change it up from time to time- putting it with quinoa or rice but tonight it was served over a giant bowl of romaine topped with cheese, avocado, fresh tomato and plain Greek yogurt (the perfect sour cream substitute).

my massive meal:

(yes, that is a mixing bowl. Totally normal.)


I’m full, tired and ready for bed even though it’s only 8:30. Speed work on the schedule for the a.m.!

Goodnight Blogland.

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