I’m currently into week two of my half marathon training (I’m racing Cap City here in Columbus on May 4th) and I’m having a hard time committing to a plan. I don’t mean that I’m having any trouble putting in the runs, setting aside the time, etc. but that I really can’t decide what plan will work best for me. As of now I have two plans posted on my refrigerator- slightly modified versions of Hal Higdon and Jenny Hadfield’s intermediate plans. 

This race for me is all about my time. This will be my third half and I would be lying if I didn’t have high expectations for it. My first race was done perfectly- I went in with the best attitude and knew I would be happy just to finish strong. I finished in 2:09:59 admittedly with a bit too much left in the tank and I decided that for my next half I would really give it my all. Unfortunately I injured my foot a few weeks out from my second and wasn’t even sure I was going to run until the day before (I took THREE weeks off running before, talk about a taper haha). Given the circumstances I was just floored when not only did I finish but I beat my previous time by over 3 minutes. 

That brings me to now, about 10 weeks out from HM #3. I have full intentions of running a sub 2 and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get me there but I know I need to be careful and stay injury free, as that is really the only thing that can hold me back. The basics of the two plans are similar (one or two easy runs, a long slow run, a speed day, a pace run, supplemented by cross training + yoga/strength) but Higdon has 5 runs per week, three sandwiched in the middle, where as Hadfield has mostly alternating days (run, cross, run, cross). I think Hadfield will help to keep me injury free and I feel like my base is solid enough to just stick with 4 runs. I also know that I could trade out a day of cross for an extra run if I’m feeling strong. 

This morning was rough- all I had planned was an easy 30 minutes (I also like that Hadfield uses time and not miles, for some reason that makes sense to me) but we had freezing rain all last night and I knew that 1. running outside was NOT an option and 2. I had a long, cold process to get through before I would even make it to the gym. I finally dragged myself out of the house around 6:30a and didn’t get back until after 8! That wouldn’t be so bad if I had spent more than 40 minutes at the gym but most of the time was spent scraping off my car (a workout in itself as I had to work the core to make sure I didn’t slip and fall) and driving SLOWLY. I was so happy to come home to a hot shower and my favorite meal of the day. 

And to remember that today is FRIDAY, thank goodness.

Hope everyone else dealing with this weather is staying safe!

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